Sharknado 3 – Jumping the Twitter Shark


Because ‘Merica!

When it comes to social media, self promotion is the name of the game! And when you’re not cool enough on your own merit, you try to latch onto something super cool in hopes of riding that wave into Awesometown! Such was the intent when I sat through the steaming pile of amazing that is/was Sharknado 3 last night.

Honestly, we did some cool Sharknado-related stuff for work, so I was more than happy to see this through and watch how it all played out.

However, I found myself at a distinct disadvantage being both on the West Coast where this cinematic travesty was already old news AND I started the movie an hour late on my DVR. Regardless of the fact that everyone had long since tuned out, I proceeded with my very own not-so-live-tweet of the events. And since I answer to no one but myself on this blog thing, I will now take you through the series of events. Here’s what you missed out on:

Sharknado is a gift for all of us…

This was a personal fave…

I thought this was funny. I guess WWE fans do not watch Sharknado…

Hammerhead just dropped some knowledge…

Then this happened…

And fin…

And so that’s it. My latest exercise in talking to myself about ridiculous things. Happy Thursday, y’all!



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