Why Can’t I…

  1. …write a book?
  2. …write a script?
  3. …write a blog once a week?
  4. …exercise more often?
  5. …start a business?
  6. …save more money?
  7. …live a little?

The answer to these and many more of life’s mysteries is simply ‘laziness’! That’s it. There is no other explanation. It’s not that I “can’t” do it, it’s that I “won’t” do it. It takes very little effort to get up off of your ass and make things happen rather than sit and wonder why things don’t happen. My mom used to like saying something to the effect of, “life isn’t going to stop by your bedroom window to check in on you, you’ve got to go out and live it.”

So, by way of this short and sweet little blog entry, I’ve written a few things down so that I may hold myself accountable. I will now try to get a start on making some shit happen.

Good day!