So Many Words!


Managed the whole Harry Potter series without spoilers (well, there was one, but I recovered)!

For many years I entertained the notion of New Year’s resolutions. Of course if your heart isn’t in it, your chances of success are practically nil right out of the gate. And sure enough, those empty promises to work out, eat better, climb a mountain, or be a better person all together have most often crumbled faster than it took to think them up.¬†However, in 2015 there was a breakthrough!

At some point early in my life I learned how to read, and yet I put this skill on the shelf in favor of less brain tingling activities like naps. So many glorious naps.

After years of having my brain lie dormant, and at risk of being fully lobotomized by the world of TV and the Internet, I decided to challenge myself. Knowing I had the ability to read, but having not read an actual book for an embarrassing amount of time, I resolved to read one book a month for the entire year.

To those who make reading a regular habit, this isn’t a lofty goal. But for someone who specializes in rarely extends beyond 140 characters at a time, this would be a stretch.

It has been twelve months since making that resolution and I am proud to say that it is the first resolution in my feeble memory that I was able to accomplish. In twelve months I managed to read a total of fifteen books! Some were excellent, some were pretty good, another one or two were ‘eh’. But the point is that I made it happen, and I plan to have it continue into 2016!

Sure, it wasn’t the loftiest or most selfless goal ever dreamed up. But you know, it was something I wanted to do and I got it done. Now if only it were that easy to resolve to make a million dollars!

Book list from 2015: