Blog Ambition

Here it is – 2015. The year that will introduce us to hoverboards, power laces, the double neck tie, and the technological wonder that is the fax machine. That is if Back to the Future II is any indicator of what is to be. But if the Cubs don’t win the World Series this year, I will have no choice but to believe that Hollywood is nothing but a factory of lies!

What the new year also means is yet another attempt by me to get a blog off the ground. For those keeping score, this is attempt number three. The first attempt was fun, but like all things in the world of my goldfish-like attention span, it fell off after awhile. But it does still have some dynamite content, so if you ever find yourself unemployed and need to fill the spare time, I urge you to check it out. If nothing else, it will at least make me feel better.

The second attempt was admittedly half-hearted. I had all the intentions in the world of establishing an outlet for myself that would feature regular stories and random acts of silliness from this crazy world of ours. But once I exhausted all of my creativity on a clever header graphic, my interest and commitment to the blog once again took a nosedive. Still, dynamite content.

This third incarnation is your fault! Okay, maybe not you specifically. However, hard as it may be to believe, I have received several requests to start a blog and continue writing. The requests have been very flattering as I’ve never thought much of the words I string together. However, I have always enjoyed writing, dating back to at least third grade when I wrote a story about a fat kid getting stuck in a door. Seriously, I wrote a story like that…and it was good.

In seventh grade I even remember doing mock job interviews as a classroom project. I couldn’t think of anything I enjoyed more than writing, so I decided to be interviewed for an authoring job. I would’ve picked “baseball player”, but that isn’t really something you interview for.

Bottom line – I enjoy writing and I intend to do just that right here. You likely won’t find any common themes tying everything together, but I hope that you may find a little enjoyment out of it if you do decide to follow along.

Thanks to everyone who has given me a push to do this. I hope to keep it going this time around, and I hope it adequately reflects whatever it is you saw in me that made you say, “Hey Jordan, you should write a blog.”



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